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The Obligatory Olympic Post

I apologise if you’re someone who couldn’t give two hoots about the Olympics. You don’t have to read on, I don’t mind. I am someone who adores the Olympics. I’m not really a sporty person but I always enjoy the Olympics and get wrapped up in the happenings.

This year, they came to London. I fully remember shrieking with delight when we won the bid for 2012 and I swore I would get tickets for the swimming. Why swimming? I used to swim competitively and although I don’t anymore, I always hold an interest in the sport and enjoy watching it more than anything else.

I went through that stupid draw for tickets last summer (you had to request tickets for a sport and put in your card details but they effectively drew names out of a hat for who would get the tickets, then debited your card appropriately) and came out with nothing. They released more tickets around April and I failed once more.

Then they released more in June. I was ready and waiting at 11am when the tickets went live. I sat through five agonising minutes of ticket “requesting” as I prayed I had got the tickets I had selected before somebody else. I would’ve shrieked when I saw I had got two tickets for a swimming heat had I not been in work. I was SO happy I was shaking a little! Seriously excited.

And so, this morning, I watched some swimming heats. It. was. AMAZING! I seriously love the British people. We will seriously cheer anyone. I’m one of those weepy people and I was ready to cry with sheer happiness as the crowd exploded whenever we were in the lead. Which was several times throughout the course of the heats.

We watched the women’s 50m freestyle, men’s 1500m freestyle, women’s 4 x 100 medley and men’s 4 x 100 medley. The first Brit up was Francesca Halsall in the 50m freestyle. A spectacular race from her to warm up everyone’s vocal chords!

Ullalmath Gagan of India received a huge backing from the fans in the Aquatics Centre today. He swam a brave 1500m, coming in last a good two minutes behind the winner of the heat. But he finished and he got just as much support, applause and cheers as any British team member! I love how we support everyone’s successes.

Daniel Fogg for Britain landed 2nd in his heat for the most interesting of the 1500m heats. That was tight enough! But then, our men’s medley team were phenomenal in an even tighter race! We touched in 1st literally hundredths of a second in front of 2nd. Our screams were probably heard outside the building!

The morning ended with a race-off for the last slot for the semi-final of the women’s 50m freestyle. Amy Smith for Team GB was in the race off and the crowd went mental for her! She touched in first to get her place in the semis. I’ve never heard noise and joy like it! She was amazing. It was amazing. Everyone was amazing! I can’t even describe it.

The Olympic Park is a great piece of architecture in general. You don’t get the feel of the size of it on the TV or the number of people who are just around before an event. There are literally thousands upon thousands of people swarming everywhere, all happy and excited. You see flags from every country (and a couple of blow up kangaroos from Australians!) Everyone’s happy and polite and nice. Shout out to all the volunteers and the soldiers who are constantly perky and lovely throughout the crowds. You guys are truly awesome.

I just watched Team GB get Gold (YEAH!) in the men’s team pursuit (on the TV) and I felt the crowd. You can really understand the noise and the tension and the positive energy in the room after you’ve seen an Olympic event. You know when you’re super excited and everything’s really tense and you get a lump in your throat and you can’t seem to shake the excitement no matter what? That is what it’s like watching your team compete with the chance of winning. There’s nothing like it.

Overall, I’m loving the Olympics. London has a whole new feeling to it right now. I was worried what the transport would be like and it’s been absolutely fine. Getting through security at the Olympic Park was a breeze today, despite warnings of queues. Everything is just running smoothly and people are getting in the Olympic mood.

From the moment the Opening Ceremony began, I have never felt prouder to be British. We are rocking these games the only way we know how. We’re here to have fun and love our country. And that is exactly what we’re doing.

Go Team GB!

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