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I Got Presents!

GUESS WHAT?! No, seriously!

The other week, I was browsing Twitter when some lovely person brought the wonderful blog of YA author  Zoë Marriott to my attention via a retweet. On her blog I found writing and awesomeness in abundance, and also a competition to win signed books! BOOKS! Naturally, I entered.

So, guess what?


Zoë sent me a brilliant parcel consisting of her own books ‘The Swan Kingdom’ and ‘Frostfire’, ‘Unrest’ by Michelle Harrison, ‘The Iron Witch’ by Karen Mahoney and ‘Angel’ by L.A. Weatherly. I am so freakin’ excited about reading these books! They all sound awesome! And they are all SIGNED! I have never owned a signed booked before and now I have FIVE!

Here, have pictures:

Of course this is going to destroy my bank account as I proceed to purchase further books by all these lovely people. I can just see it happening. It’s almost like I’m psychic or something.

All the author’s are wonderful for donating the books and taking the time to sign them.  Check out their websites for more wonderfulness:

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