Competition Time!

As I write this, this blog has reached 1,009 views in 28 countries! I am SO excited! Thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading! I hope you continue to do so.

In honour of my 1,000 views, I am doing a


Now imagine that in the style of a children’s TV show when the presenters go nuts and wild, wacky music plays and the word ‘Competition’ runs across the screen in bunny hop jumps.

Why bunny hop jumps? Simple. This is the prize:

Meet Bobby. Bobby is a quirky, handmade (yes, seriously, made by yours truly) sock plot bunny who’s unblinking, loving stare will watch over you as you write.

How do you win? Also simple!

I talk a lot about my own writing (well, it IS my blog…) but I want to know about your writing. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your favourite story that you have ever written is. And it could be anything from that first few paragraphs you wrote aged 10 to your masterpiece novel. I’m not judging on content or on which story I think sounds the coolest, I just want to know what you’ve enjoyed writing. Everyone who comments will have their name written on a piece of paper and placed into a hat (yes, I have a hat) and the winner will be drawn at random.

For a second entry tweet the following comment:

“Name your favourite piece that you’ve written on Spilt Hot Chocolate and win a handmade plot bunny! #PlotBunnyComp #SHC”

Please make sure you include your Twitter name in your comment so I know who has a second entry. If I can’t match you up, it won’t count. ‘Cause I ain’t psychic. (Unfortunately…)

If you don’t have Twitter, share this post on Facebook and let me know in your comment that you’ve done so! (Note, there is no third entry for sharing this on both Facebook AND Twitter, although you’re more than welcome to do so!)

Everyone in every country is eligible to win! I will post to any address in the world. Winner will be announced in ONE WEEK!

This is to show my appreciation for everyone who is reading my babble. I love you all.

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  1. Dominique Goodall

    My favorite story written has to be Echoes of Winter – the world has bounced around my mind for years and now the first part of four is out on the 11th

    Twitter name is @DomGoodall

  2. My favorite so far is my Zoedavian novel. I’ve been slowly crafting it and tweaking it for years now.

  3. Favorite? Tough to choose but I’m going to go with Hello Diva, my first, full length (and 2008 NaNo badge earner) novel. Facebooked the notice :-) (Satin Sheet Diva)

  4. grrrr. hit the wrong key! now you know why my blog is called bumblefingers…
    anyways. My fav story of my own is called Pearls Before Swine. It’s a flash peice I wrote 2 yrs ago about an angel who sacrifices herself to make life better for a struggling family. it reads like a fairy tale which is why I like it!
    Posted to my FB page & to our writers group FB page as well!!!

  5. I have to admit my current favourite story I have written was a short piece (under 1,000 words) about two very plucky soldiers on the front line at war – the last ones left in their regiment – and just as they’re about to get bombed their Mum calls them in for tea ’cause they’re two kids playing at war!
    I’m aware that it’s very ‘they woke up and it was all a dream’, but I actually convinced myself when re-reading it that they were actually soldiers fighting for their lives…
    I so want to win your plot bunny…If I don’t will you share the secret of how to make one?
    Congrats on the popular blog (I’ve been blogging over a year and am only up to 2,500 views!).
    Take Care, Cat

  6. My favourite has to be Through The Rift. It was my first NaNo novel and it just was great. The story itself needs work, but it was also my first novel I wrote and it got me into NaNoWriMo and writing even more. It was one of the things that rekindled my fire of writing and love of reading.

  7. I think my favourite story has to be one I wrote at school about a young girl, who becomes anorexic through envy over her older sister, who is better at everything and beautiful and slim and an amazing dancer.

    I really really want that plot bunny, he’s so cute! And maybe he’ll give me some inspiration cos I’ve got no idea what I’m doing for NaNoWriMo yet!

    I’ve tweeted this @EmilyEvaEditing

  8. It’s hard trying to remember something I’d consider my favourite… I think I’m going to say my current project I’m in the process of editing: The Devil’s Beat.

    It’s a contemporary fantasy about twins (male and female) born to a witch. I think what I love about it most is the many layers to their family life. All the twists and turns as they learn more about their heritage. But, more importantly, how they learn that blood doesn’t make them who they are, they choose to be what they want to be.

  9. Reblogged this on kellycautillo and commented:
    Thought I may as well treat myself to a tub of icecream and an entry into this competition for a really cute, handmade plot bunny!

    Why am I treating myself? I completely the preliminary read through of The Devil’s Beat, with notes. Now onto the real edit…

  10. My favourite story I’ve written was something I wrote when I was about twelve, which I ended up creating into a series. It was the first thing I ever wrote specifically for someone, based on a game my sister and I used to play as kids called Police Paramedics (go figure what it was about.) I turned it into a trilogy but I’ve always felt some fondness for those characters.

    Also posted a tweet at @Sopha400

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