The Kitten That Survived

I’m learning. Apparently going home for the weekend involves me spending as little time on the Internet as possible in this day and age (which is a surprisingly small amount!) which is why I haven’t blogged in a week. I do apologise! I’m going to try and blog three times this week to make up for it.

As promised, way back when, whilst I was visiting my family, I dug out the first story I ever wrote. (I did, however, manage to completely forget to take a photograph of it… I spent a lot of time with my parents and friends and little time in my room, other than to sleep. That’s my excuse.) I typed it up, fixing spelling errors and adding it a few bits of missed punctuation. But, otherwise, this is the story as it was written back in 1996.

And, no. I have no idea why my characters sound so poncy. Back then I was reading Enid Blyton and Goosebumps. I don’t think either had dialogue like this…


The Kitten That Survived

One Christmas Eve, a family of cats were let out to play. While they were outside it began to snow. Whilst they sat there wondering what the snow was, it came down thicker and faster. Then the mother cat who was called Pippa told her kittens who were called Sooty and Snowball that they must run away from all this white stuff. So they ran far away from their home but everywhere they went there was snow.

Then Snowball said, “everywhere we go there is this white stuff. I want to go home.”

“So do we all,” said Pippa, “but I’m afraid we are lost.”

“Lost! We can’t be lost,” cried Sooty almost in despair. “Surely you know the way back, mother?”

“I’m sorry Sooty,” said Pippa, “but I don’t.”

“I’m cold, mother,” said Sooty.

“I’m starving,” wept Snowball.

“We are starving too, Snowball,” said Pippa in distress, “but we won’t find any food at this time of winter.”

Very soon a man saw the cats walking past and he went outside and gave them some food.

“Well, my beauties, what are you doing out here in the cold snow?” said the man, kindly. “Would you like to live with me?”

Well, as you can imagine, all the cats purred as if to say ‘yes please’. So they lived with the man. But, after a couple of days, they found out that the man had other cats, so next time the man opened the door they fled out of the house.

One week later they came to a busy road. And Pippa said, “just follow me across this road because it’s very busy.” So Sooty and Snowball followed their mother across the road. But a lorry came down the road just as they were crossing and it struck Pippa’s tail. She fell down in pain but she managed to get across to the other side safely. When they were all across Sooty said, “are you hurt mother? I saw that lorry hit your tail and I wondered if you were all right.”

“I’m fine, thank you Sooty,” said Pippa, but when she stood up she fell down again. “I don’t think I can go on,” whimpered Pippa.

So the kittens had to face the biggest and busiest roads, tramping feet and snowballs alone. So they said goodbye to their mother and scampered off down the path.

In a few weeks time the kittens came to a big hill. On the hill were some children sledging. The kittens started to walk across the hill but half way across a sledge suddenly came whizzing down.

“Run!” cried Sooty but before Snowball could even begin to run, the sledge bumped into her and carried on whizzing down the hill. Sooty burst into tears when he saw what had happened to his sister.

Sooty trudged on alone then as he passed a house, Sooty looked in the window and saw his family looking very upset. It had begun to snow again and Sooty was so tired that he could hardly walk up to the front door. When he did he gave a tiny meow. The family sat up at the noise and the girl ran and opened the door.

“Sooty!” she cried in amazement. “Sooty oh Sooty you’re alright! Oh I’m so glad but where’s Pippa and Snowball?”

Sooty ran down the path and the girl followed him. He led her to the hill and at the bottom they found Snowball’s body, tatty and dirty. Then he led her to where Pippa had been hit and they found her body limp and bruised. They took the two bodies back and buried them in the back garden.

Sooty, as soon as they were in the house, curled up in his basket and fell fast asleep.

The End

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  1. sad story :( but its a good story :)

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